Date: September 27, 2022
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The Iranian Kurdistan struggle
Svenska parlamentsledamöter fördömer avrättningar i Iran
Swedish MPs condemning executions of Kurdish political prisoners Developments in Iran since the June 2009 elections has been and is worrying. The oppression of the population has increased in the Kurdish parts of the country where the state of emergency, and large parts of these regions have been militarized greatly. The Kurdish people have the highest number of death row political prisoners in the country in proportion to their share of the population. According to the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) has 227 Kurdish activists, teachers and journalists detained in Iran since 2005. Currently, 18 Kurdish students, young civil and political activists facing execution.

On May 9, 2010 was executed political prisoners, Farzad Kamangar, Farhad Vakili, Ali Haidarian, Mahdi Islamian and Shirin Alemholi, all sentenced for "mohareb", ie God s enemy. Farzad Kamangar was a Kurdish teacher, journalist and social worker from the town Kamyaran, and the others were political activists; all appeared by human rights associations and NGOs for the promotion of human rights and democracy in the Kurdish region and the rest of Iran.

According to Amnesty International proclaimed the death sentences without the executed given the possibility, through legal counsel in an equitable manner, bringing their claims and to present legal defense against the charges. The same source stated further that none of them were executed convicted after justice court trials (Fair Trials) and that torture, which also appeared from the executed own data / letter, occurred systematically both before and after the trials. In some cases, the main negotiations in judicial proceedings lasted less than ten minutes.

In all of these executions are not United Nations standards in ECOSOC Resolution 1984/50 of the death penalty respected.

We, the undersigned, being guided by the UN General Assembly Resolution 62/149, calling for an immediate moratorium on all death sentences imposed on them Kurdish activists in Iran. Confident that the execution of the death penalty undermines human dignity and violate fundamental human rights, we call on the Islamic Republic of Iran to suspend all death sentences against all Kurdish prisoners of conscience in Iran.

Strengthened by the European Union s condemnation of the killings, we call finally on the UN, the EU and the international community to urge the Islamic Republic of Iran


a) issue an immediate moratorium on all executions,


b) convert all previous death sentences to prison terms,


c) sign the Second Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, aimed at abolishing the death penalty (1966).


1.Lars Ohly (v)

2.Egon Peace (v)

3.Josefin Brink (v)

4.Eva Olofsson (v)

5.Hans Linde (v)

6.Jacob Johnson (v)

7.Marianne Berg (v)

8.Amineh Kakabaveh (v)

9.Kalle Larsson (v)

10.Wiwi-Anne Johansson (v)

11.Torbjörn Björlund (v)

12.Rossana Dinamarca (v)

13.Kent Persson (v)

14.Siv Holma (v)

15.Ulla Andersson (v)

16.Björn von Sydow (s)

17.Hillevi Larsson (s)

18.Anne Ludvigsson (s)

19.Ameer Sachet (s)

20. Maryam Yazdanfar (s)

21.Lars Johansson (s)

22.Fredrik Lundh Sammeli (s)

23.Magdalena Streijffert (s)

24.Gunilla Carlsson (s)

25.Yilmaz Kerimo (s)

26.Christina Axelsson (s)

27.Tommy Waidelich (s)

28.Erik Ullenhag (Liberal) party secretary

29.Nina Larsson (fp)

30.Cecilia Wigström (fp)

31.Fredrik Ore (fp)

32.Gulan Avci (fp)

33.Helena Bargholtz (fp)

34.Hans Backman (fp)

35.Christer Winbäck (fp)

36.Barbro Westerholm (fp)

37.Maria Lundqvist Brömster (fp)

38.Jan Ertsborn (fp)

39.Anders Flanking (c) the party secretary

40.Staffan Danielsson (c)

41.Eva Selin Lindgren (c)

42.Annie Johansson (c)

43.Karin Nilsson (c)

44.Birgitta Sellén (c)

45.Fredrick Federleys (c)

46.Göran Lindblad (m)

47.Lars Arne Staxäng (m)

48.Mahmood Fahmi (m)

49.Ulrika Karlsson (m)

50.Betty Malmberg (M)

51.Bodil Ceballos (mp)

52.Helena Leander (mp)

53.Emma Henriksson (kd)

54.Adam Cwejman Union Liberal Youth LUF

55.Niklas Wykman Union Moderate Youth League MUF

56.Magnus Andersson Union Centre Party Youth CUF

57.Jakop Dalunde Union Green Youth

58.Jytte Guteland Union Swedish Social Democratic Youth SSU

59.Charlie Weimer Union Young Christian Democrats KDU

60.Ida Gabrielsson Union Young Left
Published: 2017-03-21 17:32:37
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