Date: March 31, 2023
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Organisation of the
Iranian Kurdistan struggle
Sazmani xebat- Party of Iranian Kurdistan

It’s a long story but i will give you a short history of the organization of Iranian Kurdistan struggle for context.  

The organization of iranian kurdistan struggle (which is called sazman khabati kurdistan iran in kurdish) was formed by by mamosta said jalal hosaini in 1980.

From the age of 16 he began to participate in political activities and became known in Iranian Kurdistan. Mamosta said jalal was someone who spent his entire life in the Kurdish struggle and had an idea to overthrow the Iranian regime and liberate the Kurdish people. Mamosta seid jalal continued the fighting, with all his power and his idea of the liberation against 2 dictatorship in Iran,(king of the Iran and Islamic republic of Iran )  alongside his brother Mamosta shaikh azadin hosaini, and the rest of his family. 

Due to the revolution of 1357, Khomeini overthrew the goals of the revolution by employing a tactical and non-democratic government. 

Iranian people, all ethnic groups, religions and the sexes, especially the Kurdish people, wanted a democratic and liberal government, but it did not become what the people had thought. Shortly after the revolution the people s desire for a democratic government was answered with violence and oppression. Many ended up in jail by khomaini s nearest soldier regime. 

The suffering in Kurdistan, Iran, which participated actively in the revolt against the dictatorial state of Iran, ruled by the renowned family "Reza shah pahlawi", was hoping for a democratic regime in which they have their rights, but Khomaini who promised first a democratic regime began to apply Islamic rules and own rule, in this way he became much worse against the Iranian population. 

But in 1980 Mamosta Said Jalal formed a new mother party with the aim of modernizing the fight against Iranian state and democratic power and the struggle for the Kurdish liberation. And since then, the organization of the Iranian Kurdistan struggle has not stopped fighting. 

The sazmani xebat organization is currently trying to create a democratic and parliamentary political system in Iranian Kurdistan. The organization is fighting for a democratic government in which the law regulating the country introduces rights and freedoms for all ethnicities, religions and the sexes. 

The Iranian Kurdistan Organization Struggle wants to work with all Kurdish parties as an important part of the struggle to overthrow the Iranian dictatorship. It will do everything possible to work together to overthrow the dictatorial Iranian regime and liberate the people of Kurdistan. 

The organization of Iranian Kurdistan Struggle also strives to unite with all Iranian parties that occupy the regime and not against Kurdish liberation as (king of Iran) 

Because after the Iranian dictatorship has been overthrown, all the nationalities of Iran who have been suppressed by the regime - that means all nations such as Kurds, Arabs, Turks, Azeris and other nations must work together to build a free and self-determined democratic and parliamentary system and scientific and industrial progress under the democratic system in Iran. 

The cooperation will put an end to war, oppression and inequality and create a system that guarantees people of all nationalities, religions and the sexes a free and equal life. 

The Iranian Kurdistan Organization Struggle supports Iran s people in their second fight. It is struggling to win all the people who live in what is now called Iran s rights and create a free and democratic government without external disturbances. 

"As long as I live under mission, the fight is my way"
Published: 2019-01-01 20:07:33
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