Date: September 27, 2022
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The Iranian Kurdistan struggle
Announcement, another heinous crime during the hated mullah s reign!
Announcement by the Kurdish Organization (Sazmani xebat) Organization of the Iranian Kurdistan Struggle on the Ukrainian plane the case of the Iranian regime. Ukrainian Airlines flight 752 Boeing 737-800 take off from Tehran on Wednesday morning, January 8, 2020. On board the plane, which is on its way to the capital of Ukraine Kiev, there are 167 passengers and nine crew members. But only minutes later was shot down by the Iranian regime s military. All 176 on board the plane were killed.

Shortly after the crash, the world s security officers and several leaders and experts, including Canada s prime minister, declared the plane was shot down by the Iranian regime.

Government officials in Iran initially tried to hide the facts and, as always, tried to hide these tragedies and deceive the general minds of the international community without the pretext of a technical error.

With the release of several short videos and comments from some aviation researchers, the airline crashed into the air by the regime and several countries and companies have therefore announced that they are prepared to investigate this relationship.

Eventually, due to international pressure and the preparedness of the international investigative teams in the incident and the disclosure of confirmed evidence from US intelligence agencies, they acknowledged that the plane was shot down by the terrorist-stamped organization (sepah-e pasdaran).

The Party (Sazmani xebat) Organization of the Iranian Kurdistan Struggle, as a result of this event, shares the grief with all families who have lost family members in the attack carried out by (sepah-e pasdaran). We are especially sorry for the Kurdish families who lost family members of terrorists who rule the country in Iran.

At the same time, we urge the UN to immediately set up a fact-finding team to identify the causes of this major crime, as well as those responsible for the regime and all those involved in the shooting should immediately be brought before the national court. Everyone involved must face the law and we hope that the countries of the world will stop cooperating with the Iranian regime, which consists of dictators and murderers.


(Sazmani xebat) Organization of the Iranian Kurdistan Struggle
Published: 2020-01-14 11:52:22
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