Date: March 31, 2023
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The Quds Force uses children for terrorism activities in Syria
Xebatmedia: The Quds Force which is part of the terrorist Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, has opened military and guns training camps for children and teens in Syria to train them for wars and terrorism activities.
Baladi-news which is a Syrian media, according to local sources has stated: in the several past days the Iranian militias and groups have opened military and children registration caps which are located in Tadmir city east of Homs Governorate.
That source also stated that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has opened that camp to register children and use them for military and homicide activities.
The militias under rule of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps are trying to gather children and teens under 18 years old from villages of Homs area and train them as fighters and jihadist for military and homicide activities.
This militias had registered dozens of under 16 years old teens from Albukamal city and participated them in military and guns training courses.
Previously the Afghani terrorist and extremist group of Liwa Fattimiun had gathered dozens of children to fight side by side with Syrian military forces.
Published: 2020-08-15 17:21:20
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