Date: June 2, 2023
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Iranian Kurdistan struggle
Failed terrorist attacks on Babashex Hussaini, leader of The Organization of Iranian Kurdistan Struggle
Since the beginning of the Iranian regime, terrorist attacks on political opposition parties, their leadership and on Kurdish fighters has been a continuous reality. Since he was a child in the struggle alongside his family, Babashex Husseini has always been one of the true Kurdish fighters. The history of his family is part of the long history of struggle for the liberation of the Kurdish people in Iran – for example, his father and uncle were two Kurdish movement leaders in Iran who helped lead the Kurdish people to overthrow the monarchy in Kurdistan during the Iranian revolution of 1979. 
Since 1983, the Iranian regime has been sending terrorists to kill Babashex Husseini and to attack places where he was based. One of the clearest examples of this occured in 1994, in the city of Suleimani in Kurdistan Iraq, when they planted a bomb including kilos of TNT G4 inside his car, which exploded a few seconds after he started the car, causing him severe injuries and meaning he had to spend a long period of time in hospital.
Information about such attacks has also come from some people who regretted their counter-revolutionary mission and therefore admitted everything to the party. This was the case in the latest attack: some people who had entered the party as spies for the regime to collect information subsequently regretted their mission and told the secret intelligence working group of the party about their mission.
The latest failed attacks were in late 2020 and the beginning of the 2021. In these incidents, a few groups of ‘tourists’ from Iran entered Kurdistan Iraq with the intention of killing Babashex Husseini. In the meantime, the regime had planted a few spies inside the party, whose mission was to gather information about where he was staying, where he was going, which car he was going to use, etc. However, with the help of the secret intelligence of the party and the help of comrades within Kurdistan Iran we managed ensure their mission failed and Babashex Husseini is safe for now. 
Thanks to the comrades who helped us and gave us this important information.
Hooman Saedpanah
Published: 2021-04-27 17:30:31
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