Date: August 18, 2022
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The Iranian Kurdistan struggle
Our history

The Approach of the Organization of Iranian Kurdistan Struggle   

(Approved Sixth Conference) 

A.  After  the  battle  of  Chaldiran  between  Othman  Empire  and  Shah  Ismail  Safavi,  which  took  place  on 23th  August,  1514,  most  of  Sunni  Kurds  supported  the  Othman  Empire  and  the  Shah  Ismail’s  army  were  defeated,  but  after  the  defeat  of  Shah  Ismail,  a  hostility  between  these  two  nation  has  been extended  until  1639,  signing  of  the Treaty  of  Zuhab ended  the  war  with  the  Ottoman  victory  and distributed Kurdistan between them. Most of Kurdistan parts came under the Ottoman rule, and the less part of Kurdistan, which is currently linked into Iran, came under Safavi rule, and the Kurds which has  one  language,  one  nation,  one  culture  and  one  heritage,  without  its  willingness  and  desire separated and divided itbetween these two different empires. For the second time, in the World War I, the Kurdistan part under the Othman empire was dividedonto three nations, Syria, Turkey and Iraq with  the  Sykes-Picot  Treaty,  1916,  Kurds  and  Kurdistan  were  granted  to  persuade  powerful  nations which were involved with WW I, since then, Kurds couldn’t live as an independent nation, still its fate is under hand of these four hostile nations.  From the first dividing, Kurds entirely perceived that they have no any friend and realized that cannot receive  anything.  Therefore,  its  freedom  feeling  was  growing  up  day  after  day,  particularly  when  it oppressed  cruelly  by  these  two  invaders.  The  two  states  immigrated  Kurd’s  tribes  to  far  areas, Kurdish  tribe  under  the  Othman  empire  forced  to  go  towards  Erzurum  and  Anatole,  and  Kurdish tribes under Safavi empire toKhorasan, most of those Kurds lost their culture, language and identity, they  send  curse  to  those  who  caused  them  to  leave  their  land.  After  dividing  Kurds  over  several states,  they  became  strangers,  hopeless,  and  became  a  suspicious  nation,  this  kind  of  dealing towards  Kurds  during  a  past  century,  enabled  Kurds  to  make  a  struggle  and  stand  in  front  of  its enemy  and  The  oppressor  regime,  especially  the  struggle  of  a  century  ago,  which  costed  ten thousand victims, leaving homeland, lost family members. Oppression, injustice and cruelty of selfish states and their population towards Kurd’s people  affect the  heart  of  anyone  who  has  a  sympathy  in  his/her  heart.  This  hard  hearted  states  suppressed  all Kurdish uprisings, such as revolutions of Sheikh SaeidPiran, Sheikh Reza Darsim, they were jailed, also Sheikh  Abdullah  Nahri  was  forced  to  leave  his  home,  ten  thousand  Kurdish  people  were  killed  in Turkey.  Destroying  over  four  thousand  villages  in  Iraqi  Kurdistan  and  the  disaster  of  Anfal,  which Baath  regime  conducted  this  crime  against  innocent  people  of  Kurd,  bombardment  of  Halabja  and Sardasht  cities  with  a  chemical  weapon,  just  in  Halabja  five  thousand  man,  woman,  children  were killed, still the effect of this international forbidden weapon remain on those who live in the city, and still  people  die  due  to  this  chemical  weapon.  Also,  in  Iran,  destroying  and  damaging  cities,  villages conducted, the people of Naghada, Qarna, Qallatan, Sofian, Wsukand, Saruqamish, faced massacring, hanging  up  in  groups,  assassinating,  kidnapping  and  killing  young  and  elders  by  ordering  Khomaini and  illegal  judges  in  the  name  of  Jihad,  hanging  up  hundreds  of  Kurdish  revolutionist  just  in  one- month  in  1988,  they  accused  that  they  had  link  with  Kurdish  revolutionist  and  asking  for  their national  rights,  also  assassinating  several  Kurdish  leaders,  politicians,  intellectuals,  writers  and authors  inside  and  outside  of  Iran,  and  still  the  regime    continue  to  doing  so.    In  Syria,  all  regimes without  exception,  dealt  in  a  brutal way  with  Kurds,  oppressing, killing and  denying their  identities, particularly when Hafez Assad came into power, in his duration, Kurds had no right to be a citizen or a  national people of Syria,  and  still  the  regime  in  front  of International Communities,  Power  States, Amnesty International eyes under democracy slogan, and with supporting military and economically by Russia, denies that Kurds are Syrian populations, despite of destroying this nation daily, they have no right to be a citizen of Syria, in the the past, the Syrian regime forced Kurds to leave their home, such  as  people  in    Afrin,  Kobane,  Zahra  and  Ahmadia.  There  are  examples  and  tens  of  them, doubtless evidences on totalitarian regime and illegal authorities show that approve this reality that Kurdish  people  struggles  for  obtaining  their  basic  rights  are  fair  and  meet  with  all  United  Nation’s Declaration  of  Human  Rights,  Kurds  in  this  part  of  Kurdistan  will  not  stop  struggling  until  get  a permanent victory to rescue Kurds in this unfair situation, Kurds by a furious struggle and God given freedom, fight and give blood, they will not defeat and now they have an autonomy administration. There is no doubt that stand offagainst totalitarian regime and invaders, is a necessity duty, nations and people should stand  of to obtain their freedom, they need a struggle and  do not let anyone to oppress them.

B.  Kurdish nation, which is a nation with hundreds years of history, they lived in their home, it is their right to fight and struggle for providing their rights, freedoms, and use all right means and abilities for fighting  until  can  receive  their  goals.  It  is  important  for  Kurds  with  a  political  strategy,  spreading information, introduce its identity, and their rights and struggles attract the attention of International communities,  powerful  states,  protection  human  rights  centers,  United  Nations  and  Amnesty International  for  supporting  their  fair  fighting  and  struggling,  so  as  to  get  their  freedom  and  fair rights, at the same time will not get behind developed humanitarian societies and Kurds should play their own deserve role.

C.  Kurdish nation has right as a historical nation with an ability, to play a role in administrating Iran and it should have authority  over its own home, the central authority should help Kurds to develop and relief  its  home  and  improve  in  all  aspects  and  all  situations,  instead  oppressing  and  invading Kurdistan and deploying military in Kurdistan regions.

D.  Kurds  in  Iranian  Kurdistan,  after  realizing  that  they  are  invaded,  launched  their  non-stop  struggling and  fighting  against  their  enemies,  and  has  extended  these  struggling  and  fighting.  In  uprising  of Iranian  nations  against  monarchy  regime  in  1978,  everyone  who  believed  in  freedom  were participated in this uprising, Kurds had an effective and main role in the victory of this revolution and cleansing  Pahlavi  authority  in  Kurdistan.  This  united  revolution  of  Iranian  nations,  Kurds,  Persians, Turks, Arabs, Bellucci and the rest of nations and religious nations all had an opinion that unfair and oppressing will have uprooted and all nations can get their rights.


E.  The outcome of Iranian nations revolution in 1978  wasted by Khomaini, his followers, monopolizing power  and  authority,  non-democratic  power,  unfairly  administration  and  under  the  name  of  Islam. Iranian  nations  generally  and  Kurdish  nation  particularly,  in  order  to  respect  its  efforts  and  survive the  blood  of  its  martyrs,  took  an  action  and  awaked,  due  this  respect  demonstration  took  place throughout Iran and Kurdistan in 1978 and after then, demonstrators showed their anger to the new power. Unfortunately, the new authorities, instead response the demonstrators with “yes for united nation and the revolutionists” the new regime oppressed the demonstrators in a brutal and ruthless way, capturing them, killing, torturing, and jailing in dark rooms, hundreds of revolutionists hung up. The  oppressed  Kurdish  nation  in  Iranian  Kurdistan  was  hopeful  by  falling  the  Pahlavi  regime  its sorrows and grieves for decades would be finished, but soon it faced a tough oppression and brutal force. Despite of oppression, unfair and ruthless behavior from the new authority, Kurd maintained to  call  for  peace  and  understanding.  That  is  why  Kurd  indicated  a  group  of  representatives  to negotiate with the regime’s officials.  The staff of Kurdish representatives tried seriously to persuade Iranian  regime  to  give  Kurdish  rights.  However,  Mullahs  instead  to  give  the  Kurds  their  rights,  they threatened Kurds, took non-democratic attitude, deploying military forces, and they made unwilling war, and obliged Kurds to do this deadly war and forced Kurds to defend themselves and their home. During the Khomaini’s order for Jihad, an unfair war launched against Kurds and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards  and  the  rest  of  oppressing  forces,  and  SadeghKhalkhali  were  sent  to  Kurdistan,  so  as  to  be able  to  do  anything  that  they  want,  also  to  kill  and  hang  up  Kurdistan’s  young  and  old  men. Khalkhalikilled tens of Kurdish young and old men in a few days, and recorded a black history for the authority of Mullahs, that it will remain in Kurd’s memories and everyone who has freedom feelings and  has  sympathy.  The  attack  of  infiltrator  guards  to  Kurdistan,  firing,  destroying  several  cities  and villages  in  Kurdistan,  threating  to  kill  and  jail  of  Kurdish  young,  leaders  and  prominent  persons, obliged  Kurd  to  defend  themselves  and  protect  their  home,  they  forced  to  take  arms  and  standoff the  regime’s  authority  for  their  rights  and  human  freedom.  This  struggle,  fighting  and  efforts  of Kurdish people intensified in these recent years compare to the past years.

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