Date: August 18, 2022
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The Iranian Kurdistan struggle
Political Program and history


Aims and History of the Organization 

A. After the attacks of Iranian Guards and infiltrator force to Kurdistan, massacring Kurdish people by accusing them that they were again Iranian coup and Islam, the decision of Kurdish public to defending, struggle and fighting for gaining their rights and freedom of their nation and home, a number of religious Kurdish figures and prominent person of Kurdistan, led by mamosta SayedJalaladdin Husseini, who previously with a pseudonym of mamosta Izaddin was doing political activities, thought about to establish a political nation and Islamic organization, to introduce new different ideas from the other parties and forces in the struggle ground, and come to a stage with a flag and lead this public who are Islamic and nationalists nation, that is why in 27 May 1980, the formation of the nationalist and Islamic struggle organization of Iranian Kurdistan was announced.  

B. With the announcement of the Struggle organization, its intellectuals and considerable of Kurdish public were happy and had hope for a bright future. The organization was warmly welcomed, in most of cities and areas throughout the Kurdistan, from North to South, the organizations’ bases were installed, despite of many difficulties and ups and downs, Peshmargas started a political movement against infiltrators of Mullah’s regime. But unfortunately, due to various difficulties and problems which made for the Peshmargas and cadres by the other forces and sides, the Struggle Organization could not perform its duties, activities, formations and propaganda, that is why it obliged to do so secretly in some parts of Kurdistan, in order to be able develop its policies, independent attitude and its impartiality. 

C. Despite of all of these difficulties, crisis and problem, the Organization eagerly could step forward and develop its independent politics and keep its formations, and remained in the struggle ground for nearly four decades in order to accomplish its national duties with a truth and faithful attitude. The Struggle Organization is reality and knew the core of the Iranian regime, therefore the falling of the regime is one of its main and unchangeable slogan. 

D. The Organization of Iranian Kurdistan Struggle in its forward rout, efforts, evaluating and close view to the current situation and development of nationality feelings among Kurdish public, realized that changes in its program, political activities and its strategies are considerable will be needed and these changes are necessities, changes in political attitude for more stepping forward nationality goals of Kurds and more developing inside and outside of freedom movement of Kurds and Kurdistan, the organization made a critical and wisdom change in its development, and in an important step, with real comprising and evaluating of the organization’s leader and by consulting  with the organization’s adherents, the Struggle Organization came into a decision that a considerable and useful change in political line should be done, this change made the Struggle Srganization to make wisdom decision and adopt a national strategy in its third conference, the organization tried to focus and concentrate on freedom of Kurdish nation and home, and in the fourth conference insisted on this policy and strategy, in the fifth conference, the same approach had indicated as a general, effective and important line. 

E. The Organization of Iranian Kurdistan Struggle in its sixth conference, discussed and evaluated several issues such as, important issues which were related to the  Kurd’s future, the situation and state of Kurdish and other nation’s struggling for freedom by considering the political situation in Iran and the world, existing of powerful states near Iran’s border, the risks of making an atomic weapon by Iran, that could be a cause for posing  more sanctions on Iranian economic or happening new war against this regime. The sixth conference of the Struggle Organization of Iranian Kurdistan, by perceiving political exchanging, right evaluating and reviewing the struggle’s duties and activities in the past, A- The Organization of Iranian Kurdistan Struggle fight to establish an elected, democratic and parliament government in Kurdistan, which keep and protect the right of all nations, ethnics, religions, and faiths. B- The Organization of Iranian Kurdistan Struggleprefer self-governed system, and for now the struggle try and make efforts to provide an autonomy for Kurds in the frame of a democratic and parliament Iran. 

F. The Organization of Iranian Kurdistan Struggle believes in that the law of administrating of the state should be organized which meet with the rights of all nations, religious and different views in Kurdistan without considering differences, and under a faith to real and criteria of democracy for all nations of Kurdistan, they should have the same rights and freedom. 

G. The Organization of Iranian Kurdistan Struggle considers that the cooperating, assessing and peaceful among the Kurdistan’s forces are its main struggle duty, and it is ready to make any progress to obtain these goals, which will lead to the collapse of Mullah’s regime and providing rights and freedom for Kurdistan’s population. 

H. The Organization of Iranian Kurdistan Struggle prefers to approach and cooperate with all other struggling forces throughout Iran and it sees that it is a useful action, in order to establish an organized, developed, scientific and industrial Iran under a democratic authority after the collapse of Mullah’s regime by cooperating all forces, may this peaceful and approaching with each other could lead to end the wars and providing stability and equality for all nations inside Iran, and also to an understanding among all nations, religion and faiths to obtain their deserve rights. 

I. The Organization of Iranian Kurdistan Struggle supports the struggle of other Iranian nations movement to get their rights in the frame of democratic and free Iran without external interfering. 

J. The Organization of Iranian Kurdistan Struggle believes that international supports, human rights center’s support and other human rights organization’s support are very important and necessary, for implementing this aim, it is ready to cooperate with all international organizations. 

K. The Organization of Iranian Kurdistan Struggle condemn all racist feelings, discrimination, religion and faith differences, and considers that these are not meet with human right’s criteria. 

L. The Organization of Iranian Kurdistan Struggle believes that children are a future generation for the nation, therefore for brightening of the society’s future is very important and it is necessary to pay attention the children’s education and provide all their necessities, should not let any child to be a tool or means for earning money for a family, they are not supposed to do hard works, those works that they cannot do it, and should not do any violence towards them under any name. 

M. Women in Iran, continuously due to some traditional behaviors, cultures and norms in the society face violence and oppressing. Therefore, one of the main duties of The Organization of Iranian Kurdistan Struggle is supporting and assisting women to survive them under their torturing, women should fight for their freedom and rights to be equal with man, also they should make their education, knowledge and science a ground in order be able to reach freedom and quality.

N. The Organization of Iranian Kurdistan Struggle believes that young are materials and operators for the society’s progress, that is why, one of the Struggle Organization and Kurdistan’s government will be pay attention and concentrate on young, who their rights have been violated continuously by all invader dominant regimes over the fate of Kurds and Kurdistan.

O. The Struggle Organization of protecting environment believes and it sees that it is necessary the future Kurdistan government focus and pay attention to protecting environment and it sees that environment is a main factor of healthy living for a healthy society.

P. The Struggle Organization believes in freedom of media and publishing, supports syndicates and civilian organizations and institutions in the frame of laws for freedom of publication and free expressing, it believes that there should not arrest anyone on his/her claims, critics, and free expressing, should not investigating with anyone one of them, unless conduct bad behavior or insult others or medias.

Q. Kurds nation is peaceful nation and the Struggle Organization believes that freedom and national rights of Kurds without violation and through dialogue and negotiation can be addressed and problems can be solved, but the regime of Mullahs has chosen a war way and oppressing instead give the Kurds their God given rights, the regime forced Kurds nation to defense themselves take arms and start their fight and struggle, that is why the Struggle Organization believes the authority of Mullah, is an illegal authority and made  oppressing a basic of its duty, therefore, the Struggle Organization believes that dialogue and negotiation with this brutal regime nothing except the harms for Kurds, it believes that negotiation with this regime will be useless, also it refuse to dialogue with this regime. With the political struggle, civilian and formations, The Struggle Organization considers that military struggle is a support for our nation movement.

R. Kurdistan’s areas and borders by historical evidence should be drawn and each city and issue has ownership problem, a referendum will be done in these areas and cities, to identify the fate of them either they are including of Kurdistan border or

S. Administration and the style of state’s affairs:

1. the affairs which are related to the foreign relationship, military, defense force on borders, money system, establishing long-term plans and projects, all should be under the central authority. In any of these plans and projects which are related to Kurds, the central authority should take permission from Kurdish Parliament or in a referendum public vote to be or not to be done.

2.Administrating Kurdish affairs, such as legislate, justice, education method, cultural affairs, maintaining and protecting historical heritages should be under Kurdistan Government’s control.

3. Kurdistan’s polices and Peshmargas are responsible for Kurdistan’s security and stability, and protection of general borders with the military forces under central authority

T. Kurdistan Government should be aware and observing those central military forces which come and transferring through Kurdistan, and parliament should give them permission.

U. Kurdistan Parliament should be elected by Kurdish votes and all Kurdistan’s fraction and it contain all voices and faiths, also it is a top Kurdistan’s organ to legislating and responsible to indicate officials, administrators for administrations, the central government should respect the people and the parliament of Kurdistan.

V. Up to 18 years old have right to vote, at 25 years old have right to candidate himself/herself for any position in the administration and for parliament, candidates should be educated, expertise, creativity person and serve the Kurds nation.

W. Woman and man are the same and they have the same right in candidate to parliament and government’s administration.

X. The official language of Kurdistan Government in all administrations and the state’s organs is the Kurdish language. Other languages such as Persian language, Arabic language, and English language should be studied at schools, and the minority’ s languages as well.

Y. Kurdish population are free to indicate any place to live in, working, and doing daily life duties, although in a condition, not to hurt or make problem for others and hurting nation interesting.  

Economic Aims

A. Regarding Iranian economy, it is far away from the international and developed countries economy. Iran has a rich natural resources such as oil, gas, water, and other underground resources, but these natural resources could not be used in a professional and a good way, could not get benefits properly. They used for stealing, buying weapon and atomic material to make a forbidden weapon, these natural resources used to support terrorism and chaos in other countries and they are wasted. The elected state in Iran should serves all outcomes from oil, gas, and the rest of natural resources for its people and the state should establish institutions, organizations, various factories, industrials throughout Iran without any differences.

B. Lands will be given to peasants and state should help and assist them. Natural resources such as: water, farms, and resort all belong to state and these are public, they should be used for all people equally, and no one have right to control them.

C. Most of Kurdish people are living in a poor life and most of them are poor, it is Kurdistan government’s responsibility to improve the situation of people’s living. In this case, the central government should send enough budget for compensation the damages, harms, and eradicate poverty in Kurdistan. In addition, Kurdistan government should help the Kurdish traders, and businessman in order to be able to develop and establish economic and industrial institutions in Kurdistan, and pave the way to let external businessman to come to Kurdistan and make business and investment for developing Kurdish economy, from this way the opportunity job will be increased for Kurdistan’s population.

D. Kurdistan government should help peasants and farmers to develop Kurdistan’s agriculture by giving them loan to let them allocate machines and agricultural tools and means for their job. Also, government should buy the outcome of farmer with a high price, provide engineers, experts, skilled and qualified person in the field of agriculture and livestock for feeto observe and supervisor agricultures, gardens and animals, in order to teach the farmers, gardeners, and cattleman to invest in a scientific way to do their job. Medicines, injections and recovering their illness should be allocated by Kurdistan government, and in drought government help farmers and cattleman to provide food and hay for their animals with a cheap price from agriculture ministry.

 Cultural and Educational Aims

A. For survival and renovation of historical and cultural places and promote awareness and science in Kurdistan, government should take an effective step to assist and help writers, authors, artists and skilled person and establish various centers for them and considerably pay attention to books, magazines, newspapers, journalists, and their works. Providing free media and journal is one of major task of the Kurdish government and should consider and take account of their works, at the same time try to develop Kurdish cinema and theatre, also the producers, actors, actresses, TVs should be helped in order to be able independently and without shortages do their works to serve Kurdish culture and develop it.

B. Primary school is compulsory and government should help students till they reach to secondary school, government should pay loan to students in colleges and universities and also help elders to study and work on illiteracy eradication.

C. Universities, institutions, and education centers should be focused and pay attention to them, also pay attention to teachers at universities and schools, good salary should be paid, teachers and students in all educations centers should be respected. Government should help those students who live in abroad and teach them Kurdish language. Extraordinary materials should be given to the students, books, copybooks, libraries, computers, laboratories, mechanical and industrial laboratories should be provided. Government should help Kurdish student to study in abroad.

D. Government should help Islamic figures and followers other religious, and assist all religious centers and related institutions and observe them, respect religious centers, places, and institutions, also government should respect all different religion.

Social and Health affairs

A. Government is responsible for opening and establishing hospitals and pharmacies in all cities and villages in Kurdistan, individuals must have medical assurances, treating and recovering them with a cheap price, and for children and Kurdistan’s martyr families would be for free.

B. The Organization of Iranian Kurdistan Struggle believes that in the past and now due to difficulty of life, also bad situation of society, and bad Customs and traditions, violations and oppression committed to children and young. Therefore, to protect them, provide their rights, freedoms, prosperity, job opportunity, also it is very necessary for government to try seriously and do not let anyone to oppress children and young, and take them for granted, there is necessary to grow and educate children with extraordinary education, allocate a proper opportunity in order to be able serve their nation and home as a future generation.

C. The Organization of Iranian Kurdistan Struggle believes that Kurdistan Government try to uproot and neutralize addicted drugs and AIDS illness, also eradicate all abnormal phenomenon in Kurdistan’s society and try for these goals seriously.

D. The Organization of Iranian Kurdistan Struggle believes that in the social and health system of Kurdistan government, pregnant women, from beginning till deliver the baby, should be observed and looked after, given them medicine for free, and after discharged from hospital, they should be paid for four months, either they have a job or they are jobless.

E. To relief the poor’s living in Kurdistan, the government should allocate a budget and supervising by parliament and distribute this budget over these poor families, and find job opportunities for those who have not job. 10

F.  Roads and streets in Kurdistan are not in a good condition, it is the duty of Kurdistan government to fix and repair them, and it should try to make roads and street with international standards and extraordinary qualities, for this task government should an emergency step to allocate a budget for that.

G. There are a few and very little number of sport centers in Kurdistan, Kurdistan government should try to develop this field in the future, help athletics and sport should be a main subject in the schools and educations, it should be studied in extraordinary model, also it is the Government’s task to open or establish a lot of sport centers and managing them with experts and qualified person.

Foreign Policy

A. Central government should have correct, neutral, authentic policy. It should try for international peace and keep the freedom of politic, economy, organization and culture. Should follow the policy of respect others and take account of national interests.

B. Central government of Iran, should not interfere to other nation’s affairs and try to avoid regional and international’s problems and host political figures and those who need help. Also, it should support Kurdish political and freedom struggle and other nations too. If government does not commitment of these polices, public should office a bill to parliament.

C. Kurdistan Government has its own right to help sisters and brother in the other part of Kurdistan, and provide political host in Iran and Iranian Kurdistan, and help them as much as possible without interfere to save them from oppressions and torturing.

D. Kurdish diplomats could be able to have representative to participate at consulates and political centers in Iran and Also participate at international conference and summits, also in any political circumstances, Kurdistan government should be informed and should has its own attitudes and opinions.

Internal Approach

12 Approved 6 th conference


Section one: Name and definition of the Organization: 

a. Name: the organization of Iranian Kurdistan Struggle.

b. Kurdistan population with the condition and terms of section two can be a member of the organization. 

c. The Organization of Iranian Kurdistan Struggle is national force, upon believes in freedom, extend and elaborate its national struggle to obtain its rights and freedom of Kurdish people. 

d. The Organization of Iranian Kurdistan Struggle fights for rescuing Kurds, providing freedom, collapsing Mullahs regime and establishing an elected democratic government in Iran, and providing the rights of Kurdish people. 

Section two: Membership conditions: 

All citizens of Kurdistan, all Kurds inside Iran, who are not less than 18 years old can be a member of the Organization with the following conditions: 

1- They should believe in the Organization’s approach and program. 2- They should have had a struggle and an activity in one of the Organization’s cell, or they should have a contact with one of the Organization’s base. 

3- Pay monthly the dues of the Organization. 

4- They should be good-hearted person, loyal and do not have contacts with Kurd’s opponent, and not being opposition to any religion, and ideology, they must fight and struggle for the benefits, rights and freedom of Kurds nation. 

5- Do not betray with Kurd, and do not be a nark, racists cannot be a member of the Organization Struggle. 

6- Those who deserve to be a member of the Organization, can be a member when they introduced by a cell of the Organization or a veteran member of the Organization.

Section Three: A member’s duties

a. Struggle and fight with the Organization’s regular.

b. Keep secrets in any circumstances.

c. Develop the Organization’s policy and try to convey into societies of Kurdistan, Iran and world.

d. Try to educate himself/herself, also educate their companions and allegiances of the Organization. Also struggle and fight for political awareness of his/her citizen.

e. Try to entire active friends into the Organization Struggle, make them familiar with the Organization’s policies and programs.

Section Four: The rights of a member

a. All members have right to ask, give opinion and critic to any official or organs of the Organization Struggle in face to face.

b. All members can candidate themselves in the elections by the time of spending one year as a member of the Organization, also they can participate in votes, but any member, who has less than thirty years struggle with the Organization, cannot candidate themselves to be a member of leadership.

c. Accountability for violating of any member, after the meeting of the related organ, the members will be called, despite they should be obey to the decision, the decision will be sent to upper organ.

d. An active member, loyal and expert should be respected, and respect their prominent personality and their duties and activities, for any decision they must be consulted and take their opinion into account.

Section Five: Punishment of a member for disobey:

a. Condemn and accountability of his/her mistakes.

b. Taking his/her responsibility back.

c. Suspending and freezing for a while which is not less than 3 months.

d. If the mentioned points do not work, the member will be fired at the Organization.

Section Six: The entity of the Organization:

a. The organs should work according to elections from down to up and minority should be commitment to majority.

b. The system and organization are the same for every members of the Organization, everyone should keep the displaces and measurement of formations.

c. The decisions of the Organization should be done with a consensus, no one have the right to decide of the crucial and important issues unilaterally.

d. Establishing the Organization’s centers and organs should be done with a majority decision of leadership members of the Organization.

Section Seven: Leadership of the Organization Struggle:

The leadership of the Organization Struggle consists of eleven (11) members, that seven (7) of them are central committee’s member, two (2) deputies, and two consultants, the leadership is the top stuff of the Organization’s duties. The leadership leads the Organization regarding management, politics and thoughts during a period between two conferences. At least one meeting will be held during a month, also every six months and maximum one year a polonium should be held. The decision will be done by a majority vote; the meeting of central committee can be held with the present of two of third of its members.

·     The general secretary will be elected directly from the conference, the spokesman of the Organization is a first responsible of the organization for foreign relations, coordination, and observing the other organs of the Organization Struggle.

·      Central committee of the Organization Struggle elects Political Bureaufor implementing of activities and duties of the Organization. When thee general secretary is absent, Political Bureau run and manage all Secretary’s duties and works.

·     The responsible of organizations and civil centers of the Organization Struggle, such as young, women, students…. Etc. will be given consultant positon of central committee.

·         The Organization Struggle have the following duties: 

         1.     Derivation of policies, proper program for achieving the Organization Struggle’s goals.

2.     Suggesting opinion and attitude of the Organization Struggle regarding all events and developments.

3.     Keeping of the implementing and following the Organization Struggle’s programs, decisions, meetings, and conferences.

4.     Responsibility of media, and making program for education, Cadre position in all fields.

5.     Preparing of general report for meetings and conferences.

6.     Responsible of Peshmarga commission and try to develop and educate them.

7.     Appointing the date of conference at its regular or irregular time. The candidate condition for being a member of the Central Committee:

The candidate must be a member of the Organization Struggle who served four years in the organization.

The candidate must be pioneer in behavior, have leadership’s qualities and skills, also a candidate has to had a responsibility in the Organization Struggle.

The candidate must a democratic person and have freedom idea. 

Section Eight: Council of Counselor

In the 6 th conference of the Organization of Iranian Kurdistan Struggle, a decision has been made to establish a Council of Counselor from veterans, experts and qualified in politics, economic, law, society, administration. They will be appointed by the Central Committee of the Organization Struggle, and taking advance from them in necessities.

Section Nine: Conference

Every 4 years a conference will be held, if the situation is suitable and proper time. If the conference will not be held, the leadership of the Organization Struggle with consulting with advanced cadres try to decide on the date of conference. There is no boundary for conference, conference can change any technical and think exchanging.

Section Ten: Quality of organizations and committees

The root of organization is a cell, which should not be less than 3 people and more than five. Out of three organization cells, a committee will be consisted, from some regional committees, an urban committee will be consisted, and from some urban committees, a central will be consisted. The committees transfer the Organization’s recommendations and decisions into people, public and all Kurdistan’s population, and carry out them. The leadership of the Organization helps the loyal people and the supporters of the Organization, and its affiliations with the Organization’s outcome and money in accordance with reasonableness, also the Organization Struggle pay its organs and observe these expenses and responsible for the Organization’s outcomes.

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